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K. Mockingbird: Links

Kel's Kickstarter Campaign

Thank you everyone for listening and supporting me and my music. 

I am very greatful and happy to announce the upcoming release of my next CD for 2017 and I am going to need your help for Sound Equipment and here's how. I have 4 pledges in Kickstarter where you may make a pledge or contribute as little or as much as you would like. 

Thank you again for all you are.


K. Mockingbird

~ K. Mockingbird ~

Order Music of K. Mockingbird
Click Here to Hear and Order the latest enchanting release by K. Mockingbird and Burning Sky


Flute Music on Peaks Island Maine
Recorded in a Battery used during the Civil War.
Dance Of The Butterfly, Badger Girl
Song Of The Soul
Healing Of Hand, Sacred Fire
1 of 2, Interview of K. Mockingbird by Steve Diamond

Hosted by Steve Diamond and Video by Ellen Mann.

Music by K. Mockingbird

2 of 2, Interview of K. Mockingbird by Steve Diamond

Hosted by Steve Diamond & video by Ellen Mann

Music by K. Mockingbird

~ Musicians ~

Courtney Yeates

"Smooth, sultry at times, Yeates demonstrates the soul of the instrument- outright and pure." -Red Rock News

Courtnes Yeates is a classically- trained cellist, as well as a multi- instrumentalist and vocalist. She is a professional studio musician, frequently chosen for her fluidity of musical styles. Ms. Yeates has performed both nationally and internationally in various venues, including television. She has accompanied Grammy Award winning artists in high profile performances as her cross- over abilities range from classical to contemporary pop, punk, rock, blues, jazz and alternative.

Kenny James Acoustic Guitar Music
Hear the Music of my Brother Kenny James whome has always been an insperation to me.


Yazzie's Indian Art Gallery
Raymond & Colina Yazzie's Gallery website, Take a look and listen for the calling of a wonderful gift.
~ Winter Sun Trading Company ~
The Winter Sun Trading Company was established in 1976 in Arizona by Phyllis Hogan. This unique family business is owned and operated by Phyllis and her two daughters. The shop specializes in Native American art and Southwest botanicals. The art gallery offers a wide range of genuine hand crafted jewelry, baskets, paintings, and a wide variety of Traditional style Hopi Katsina carvings. The Winter Sun apothecary started with 25 plants. Most of those were ceremonial or ritual herbs. Today we offer one of the largest selections of organic and wildcrafted herbs in the Southwest. Our plants are harvested at the time of their optimal strength., and hand processed by knowledgable Winter Sun staff-- no animal testing is done. Our liquid extracts-- referred to as tinctures-- are easier to use, convient, and more potent than tea. Our goal is to provide the finest service available to our wonderful patrons and we are glad to help you in any way. Phyllis, Dee Ann and Denise
Artist:Shonto Begay
My good friend whom is a wonderful artist and a great being. (928)699-7214
Painted Desert Trading Company
Authentic Native Art * Southwest Gifts in Downtown Flagstaff Arizona

Professional Guide Service

~ Accomadations ~

~ Elote Cafe ~
My favorite Cafe. The food is GREAT! (928)203-0105 1(800)846-6164 (toll free) 771 Hwy 179 Sedona, AZ 86336 Tues - Sat, open at 5:30pm

~ Flute Makers ~

Butch Hall Flutes
Here is where you may Order your own Native American Flute to your design, Like the one's I play.

The Dineh People

Navajo People

A site of much information of the Navajo/Dineh people.

The Dineh is the correct name.

Navajo is a inncorrect term adopted into the modern day.

Stories of Native America

Stories of the indigenous people of Native America, myths and legends.

Navajo Nation Parks

Come and visit the Center of the Universe thru the Philosophy and Tridition of the Dineh people.

Stay for as long as you'd like.

The Navajo Times

News and Times on the reserve of the Navajo/Dineh Nation.

Information on the locations and status of Uranium Mines on the Navajo Reservation.

Uranium Mines and the desecration of our Earth Mother. Dineh tah, Navajo Land.

Freedom for all!

Prison Planet

Become informed of the current stats of the world. 

Do the research on your own but this is a start.

Be the change you want to see!