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K. Mockingbird: Bio

~My Music is like Buddah raised on Fried Bread~ I have been performing the Native American Flute and telling Medicine Stories of the Dineh for the past 22 years recording 6 albums as Burning Sky and proud to release Moons of Meditation, Nil chi (Spirit Wind), and Sacred Fire albums within the 2006 year. Nominated in 2003 for Best Native American Album and coming home with several awards from the Native American Music Awards as well as the Flagstaff Music Awards. ~We are only a single note lingering in this cosmos, but as one people we make a strong chord in Harmony with the Universe. ~K. Mockingbird The Past with Burning Sky "Have you been Experienced ?" 1992 Grey Hills Arizona ( First performance as Burning Sky ) 1996 Clintons Presidential Inaugural Ball 1996 Olympics 1998 Jackson Brown's Verde Valley Festival 2003 Spirits In The Wind, Grammy Nomination- Best Native American Album. 2003 Native American Music Awards- Best Native American Duo. 2003 Burning Sky Performs with the Flagstaff symphony. ~Solo Artist & Educator~ * Over Five Hundred Weddings in the past decade * Music, Blessings, Meditations, and Preyers * Medicine Walks and Stories of Native America * Educational Cultural School Visits * Acting * Guide and Tours of Northern Arizona and Four Corners area ~Recordings~ * Burning Sky -Canyon Records * Blood of the Land -Canyon Records * Creation -Canyon Records * Enter the Earth -Ryko disk Records * Spirits In the Wind -Canyon Records * A Simple Man -Canyon Records * Nil chi~Spirit Wind -Mockingbird Music * Moons of Meditation -Mockingbird Music * Sacred Fire -Canyon Records